We all share a passion for teaching, a focus on helping our students achieve their best,
and a commitment to uphold the highest ethical standards. We focus on helping our students become independent learners, and we aim at working ourselves out of a job. You can read about the individuals who make up our team below.

Rachel Shulman

Rachel is a passionate teacher, and her students often comment that this passion and excitement for her subject makes them more interested, sometimes in spite of themselves. Rachel has been tutoring since January 2009, helping her students achieve their goals in AP US, AP World, and AP European History, both AP English classes, and the ACT and SAT. While most of her students have been in high school, she also has experience helping middle schoolers with English and with preparation for the SSAT/ISEE tests. She has extensive experience helping students craft and shape their college application essays, working both independently and with private educational consultants. Before becoming a tutor, Rachel taught undergraduate history classes and worked as an academic librarian. Both experiences continue to inform the work she does now.

When she’s not working, Rachel runs a weekly knitting group in Arlington, enjoys inventing new recipes and haunting her local farmers’ markets, attending live concerts and shows, and getting to the beach as often as she can.

High School, Riverdale Country School, 1995
AB, Bryn Mawr, History, 1999
MA, History, University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign, 2007
MS, Library and Information Science, University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign, 2008

Jeremiah Hill

After earning degrees at the Universities of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Jeremiah Hill began a teaching career that has included schools large and small, as well as tutoring individual students and small groups. In every context he teaches his students to make connections between the subject matter and the larger world, using film, music, comic strips, current events, world languages, and anything else that may help them learn. His students have commented on his “careful guidance and measured advice”; one elaborates, “he is one in a very short list of people who taught me how to write clearly, concisely, and logically.”

In addition to being a passionate teacher, Jeremiah is also an avid reader, cook, tinkerer, film buff, and banjo player.

BA, Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison, Philosophy, 1995
MsED, University of Pennsylvania, 2000

Eli Gerstenlauer

Over the past decade, Eli has worked with students of all ages on everything from arithmetic and geometry to college-level calculus. In addition to working with Shulman & Hill students, Eli runs all of our training for new hires in math and science.

Eli is also passionate about volunteer work. He helps underserved Boston 8th graders apply for and enroll in selective high schools, trains high school students to be tutors for younger children, and works with students on subjects including tap dance, hands-on science, statistics, and Chinese energy work.

Eli’s passion is for working with students for whom school is a little too slow or a little too fast. A core component of his tutoring is the building of self-confidence and personal work ethic, which in his experience are top growth areas for most kids.

When he’s not taking standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, or ISEE for fun, Eli enjoys practicing Tai Chi, reading science fiction, swimming, and baking bread − though, to his regret, he can still only do these things one at a time.

BA, Oberlin College, Music History and Theory, 2005
MEd, Lesley University, Curriculum and Instruction, 2009

Leah Boylan

Leah Boylan is an editor, tutor, and puzzle enthusiast (math, jigsaw, and otherwise). She first pursued teaching and tutoring while an undergraduate at Bryn Mawr College, from teaching logic to 5th and 6th graders, to tutoring undergraduate calculus, to helping students in Philadelphia take the SAT and apply to college. After graduating, she taught math at a private middle school in Lawrence, MA, and devoted her Sundays to discussing topics in algebra, geometry, and combinatorics with small groups of elementary students. Since moving to Boston, Leah has been creating and editing math content for Pearson’s K-12 digital and print products.

Leah likes to think and learn about education policy, collaborative learning, and what makes a great textbook. Outside of the proverbial classroom, she enjoys running, reading graphic novels, attending folk and classical music concerts, and trying to finish the occasional Friday crossword puzzle. Leah has lived in the Boston area for over 20 years and is still discovering new, wonderful corners of the city.

AB (cum laude), Bryn Mawr College, Math, 2011


Benjamin Stein

Ben is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in biology at MIT. While an undergraduate at Brown University, he discovered a love of teaching by tutoring fellow students in biology, chemistry and mathematics. In between experiments, he has continued to hone his teaching by working with biology students one-on-one and in the classroom. Ben is particularly excited about using his laboratory experience to help students connect their science coursework with current cutting-edge research. When he isn’t tutoring or working in the laboratory, Ben enjoys singing in a local choral ensemble, cooking, reading, and watching movies.

ScB (Honors), Brown University, Biology, 2010
PhD, Biology, MIT, 2016 (Expected)


Emily Mclaughlin

Emily is without question a science enthusiast. Though she is a “technically” a neuroscientist, she enjoys all math and science disciplines. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience at Washington State University in Pullman, WA and plans to pursue a PhD in the same field. While her students seem to find it a bit odd, Emily greatly enjoys studying as a hobby, particularly science and world languages, and loves to share this passion with everyone she can. Regardless of the subject they’re working on together, Emily enjoys learning about her students’ strengths and weaknesses, and helping them create strong foundations of good habits and strategies for the rest of their academic careers. She considers patience the greatest virtue.

In her free time, or really whenever she can find the time, Emily loves to dance. While she started with Latin dances in high school and her true passion is Lindy Hop, most often she just dances freestyle to any beat she hears. Emily is an avid traveler, amateur adventurer, and loves intricate board games.

BA, Washington State University – Pullman, Neuroscience, 2013

Kate Charles

After earning her BA in Mathematics from Wesleyan University, Kate Charles returned to the classroom to train as a biological scientist. While working on her Master’s at the Harvard Extension School, she gained a deep respect and appreciation for students from non-traditional backgrounds and students with special challenges. Kate began teaching as an Associate Instructor at Indiana University while a PhD student in Biology, and discovered a passionate interest in science education and in teaching strategies that work with the students’ backgrounds and goals.

When she isn’t teaching or working on her dissertation, Kate may be knitting, baking, or playing her ukulele – though somehow she often finds herself spontaneously teaching people to knit, bake, and strum. At no time, however, does she stop being a science nerd.

BA, Wesleyan University, Math, 2000
ALM, Harvard Extension School, Natural Sciences, 2007
Ph.D, Indiana University, Biology (Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior), 2015 (expected)

Kate is not currently accepting new students.

Aaron Weber

Aaron has more than 10 years of experience in creating, refining, and clarifying written materials of all kinds, including instruction manuals, corporate marketing materials, and college application essays.

He edits college application essays for Shulman & Hill and volunteers as an essay coach for students from West Roxbury Academy and the Urban Sciences Academy in Boston. His book of poetry, When the Voice Speaks, is available at the Harvard Book Store.

BA (Honors), Haverford College, Spanish, 1999